We are grateful for support from the following:


Funder Identifier Title
National Institute of 
Mental Health (NIMH) R00MH117165 Nature and contribution of noncoding, 
regulatory mutations in neurodevelopmental 
disorders (PI: Turner, T.N.)
National Institute of Child Health 
and Human Development (NICHD) 1P50HD103525 Washington University Intellectual and 
Developmental Disabilities Research 
Center (PI: Constantino J., Gurnett C.)
Simons Foundation SFARI Collaboration on Sex Differences
in Autism (Collaboration Director: 
Dougherty J.)
McDonnell Center for Cellular 
and Molecular Neurobiology  


 (PI: Turner, T.N.)


Funder Identifier Title
National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) UM1HG008901 New York Center for collaborative research in common 
disease genomics (PI: Maniatis, T.)
Pacific Biosciences Human Genetics 
SMRT Grant Grant funding the sequencing of one 
family with autism using Pacific Biosciences 
HiFi whole-genome sequencing technology 
(PI: Turner, T.N.)
NHGRI’s Genomic DataScience 
Analysis, Visualization, and 
Informatics Lab-space (AnVIL) AnVIL Cloud Credits 
Program (AC2) Grant funding our development of 
“A k-mer based approach to assess copy number in PacBio HiFi data.” 
(PI: Turner, T.N.)